Cancer Concerns

May 11th 2017- MOUNT GILEAD, OH

At the beginning of April Morrow County Health District was made aware of the public health concern of Morrow County residents regarding the various cancers currently affecting residents of the Northmor School District. We understand that many parents are concerned and are wanting more information regarding this issue. We hear your concerns and are taking this issue seriously. Morrow County Health District staff have been in contact with the Ohio Department of Health and are currently completing the required steps in order for a full investigation to be launched.

At this time Morrow County Health District has returned all calls regarding the Northmor cancer concerns. As the Morrow County Health District investigation progresses we will ensure proper communication with the community in order to ease your concern about this issue.

In order to address this issue directly we have set up a specific email to send your questions and concerns. Please send all inquiries to, we will do our best to respond in a timely and efficient manner.

Morrow County Health District Cancer Investigation Procedure

1. Respond to community concern
-Upon notification of a concern of a cancer cluster Morrow County Health District will complete the Ohio Community Cancer concerns reporting form the Cancer Investigation Procedure in accordance with Morrow County Health District policies and procedures.

2. Collect information– Morrow County Health District will collect all pertinent information from the resident(s) expressing the concern on the Ohio Community Cancer Concerns Reporting Form.
– Provide information for residents seeking general information, cancer prevention, and discuss initial impressions of the concern.

3. Investigate
– Staff will investigate the concern and clarify the following information through Ohio Reporting Systems or with diagnosing physician:
* Name
* Type of cancer
* Year of diagnosis
* address
* demographics

4. Confirm and Report
– After an investigation is completed Morrow County Health District will determine if a cancer cluster is apparent within the community.
– If cancer cluster is apparent within the community procedures will be initiated to start a cancer cluster investigation
– If cancer cluster is not found within the community Morrow County Health District will return to normal epidemiological surveillance protocols.
– Upon completion of the initial cancer investigation Morrow County health District will produce a report explaining methods and justification for determined outcome of report.

Are you concerned you or someone you know is a part of a cancer cluster? Here’s how to help:

Step 1: Contact your health department and tell them you want to complete a Ohio Community Cancer Concerns Reporting Form.


Complete the below Ohio Community Cancer Concerns short reporting form online.

Step 2:  Allow adequate time for the health department to investigate your concern.

Step 3:  Request a copy of the report outcome when the investigation is completed.

If you have any issues with the form or additional questions

please contact us at