Ticks in Ohio

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Mosquito Control

  • Get rid of any standing water.
    • Flip over planters or buckets that hold water.
    • Cover up pools.
    • Clear out all trash, cans and tires.
    • Pay attention to your water features.
  • Declutter your yard.
    • Mosquitoes love overgrown trees, brush, weeds and tall grass.
    • Consider putting in some mosquito-repelling herbs, flowers and plants:
      • Peppermint
      • Lavender
      • Marigolds
      • Chrysanthemums
      • Citronella grass
      • Lemon
      • Eucalyptus

Mosquito Breeding Prevention

Fight the Bite

  • Mosquitoes breed in water.
  • Only a few of the 59 species of mosquitoes in Ohio can
    transmit disease. However, the diseases these mosquitoes
    can carry are very serious ones and include:
    • Eastern equine encephalitis
    • La Crosse encephalitis
    • St. Louis encephalitis
    • West Nile virus


Prevent Mosquito Bites

Mosquito Borne Illness

Ticks and Diseases

  • Three types of Ticks in Ohio:
    • American Dog Tick
    • Blacklegged (Deer) Tick
    • Lonestar Tick
Ohio Department of Health Tick Information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Tick Information

Tick Bite Prevention Music Video (Fairfax County)

Tick Borne Diseases


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